CACTUS ESTEREL Chemin de Maupas 83600 Bagnols en Forêt (France) Tel.: 04 94 40
66 73; Fax: 04 94 40 69 11. Cactus Esterel is a main (epiphytic or not) French Cacti grower. He always sells succulent plants. The owner, Vincent Cerutti, is a friend of mine. To phone him from foreign countries, the phone numbers are : 00 33 4 94 40 66 73 and 00 33 4 94 40 69 11. Cactus Esterel has now a website : on which you will find also his e-mail address.

ETABLISSEMENTS KUENTZ "Le monde des Cactus" ("the Cacti World") 327 rue du Général Brosset 83600
Frejus (France) Tel.: 04 94 51 48 66; Fax: 04 94 95 49 31. (From foreign countries : 00 33 4 94 51 48 66 and 00 33 4 94 95 49 31). Another outstanding French grower of cacti and succulents, who is also a friend of mine ; Henri Kuentz has a website whose address is : ; you can also contact him by e-mail :


MATTSLANDSCAPE.COM : Jungle Epiphytes-Epiphyllum, Aporophyllum, Dragon Fruit, Schlumbergera, Echinopsis and more! The website of a Californian grower. It's also possible to buy on this site books about Cacti.


LONDON EPIPHYLLUMS : - Plants, rooted cuttings, un-rooted cuttings, books and advice on growing epiphyllum. The site is run by an Epi enthusiast in London Uk.

CACTUS LANDES : This is the website of Damien Danjou, a young and very sympatic grower, who sells more than 500 species of cacti and succulent plants.

KAKTEEN HAAGE: Erfurt (Germany): The oldest European Cacti and Succulents grower (also caudiciform plants and Tillandsia). He has a wide selection of epiphytic cacti. Tel.: 00 49 (0) 361 2294000. You can download the catalogue on his website whose German version URL is : and whose English version URL is : He carries mail-order selling. An article about the nursery appears on my website.

UHLIG KAKTEEN Hegnacher Str.31 D-71394 Kernen i.R. (Rommelshausen); postal address : Postfach 11 07, D-71385 Kernen i.R. (Germany) Tel.: 00 49 (0) 7151/4 18 91; Fax: 00 49 (0) 715/4 67 28. Main European Cacti and Succulents grower ; you can also buy seeds, books and CD-ROMs. The owner, Matthias Uhlig has a website : You can also contact it by using his e-mail :

WESTFIELD CACTI: Producer of Cacti and Succulents, located into Great Britain. Online and mail-order selling of Cacti and Succulents, as well as seeds and books. Web URL :


SEESTER EPIKAKTEEN UND MEHR : The website of a German grower and producer of Epiphytic Cacti. Wide seleccion of plants.


PLANT GUSTO: SEEDLINGS AND CUTTINGS: This is the Website of a passionate collector who is also a producer. For reasonable prices, he sells online seeds, cuttings and plants, particularly epiphytic cacti, often rare, and labeled with high precision. He has in particular a wide choice of botanic or hybrid Schlumbergera.



ESTABLISHMENTS BRU AND SON : 12 Quai de la Mégisserie 75001 PARIS. Tel. : 01 42 36 41 23, Fax: 01 40 26 21 60. This address is that of one of the main flower shops "les Quais de la Seine", a touristic district of Paris. You will always be welcome in this shop which I visit. Apart from plants in general and horticultural material, Mr Bru created a specialized counter for collection cacti. Cacti come from the main European growers. Obviously it's a little more expensive than in the nurseries, but thus, you can avoid travelling around all Europe and you can see the plants before buying them. You can also have
the opportunity to order a plant if it's not in stock.

ADDRESSES OF WEBSITES AND FORUMS : Joel Lodé's website. French-speaking chat room of Epiphyllum and other Epiphytic cacti lovers. : The English-speaking brother of the previous one. : An English-speaking forum devoted to Rhipsalis. : "" : The (English-speaking) reference website about Rhipsalis ; the must for any Rhipsalis lover. : English-speaking site with a French-speaking version which gives you all the useful addresses and links for everything that deals with cacti and succulents. On this site you will find all
the addresses which I give here and even many more. : "Le Cactus Francophone" (The French-speaking Cactus) : French site animated by Yann
Cochard; this site is devoted to the cacti and other succulent plants. On this site, you will find many information about
growing and the history of these plants, associations and events devoted to them, and forums, one of them in French and another one in English. : (French speaking website) A.R.I.D.E.S.: French association of cacti and succulent plants lovers and collectors. This association offers conferences and a seeds list, among other things. : (French-speaking website) : SNACPG : This association is formed by 70 Cacti and Succulents lovers living near the French city of Nantes. The members regularly organize conferences, slide shows, excursions among which visits of greenhouses and collections. Association would be happy to welcome more members. : (Italian-speaking website) "Cactus et dintorni" (Around the cacti): Mario Cecarini's webpage containing more than one thousand Cacti and Succulents photos as well as information about life and the growing
of these plants. A French-speaking version is also available. : (French speaking website) Nothing about epiphytes, but
really all you always wanted to know about Mammillaria, more than 1000 photos and a very complete documentation
about Mammillarias. : (French-speaking website) "Le jardin du Petit Poucet" (Tom Thumb's garden): a very
friendly and interesting website where you will find many Cacti and Orchids photos. : (French-speaking website) David Grasteau's webpage, David's purpose is to share his passion for the Cacti and succulent plants. You will find on this page advice about growing and a lot of photos. : (French-speaking website) The site of a young cacti collector who shows his collection and gives advice about growing and links.  : (French-speaking website) Mucactus' photos and webpage. : (Spanish and English-speaking website) "Argentina's cacti". On this website, you will be able to admire the Argentina native cacti and to obtain information on their original habitat. All the photographs were
taken in these habitats and are accompanied by localization maps. Willy Smith, the site author, also sells seeds and
plants; he organizes travels so that you can see the plants in their habitat

AROUND CACTI : Aurore Gagnaire Photographies : The website of Aurore Gagnaire who presents her animalist and countryside photographs, taken during her observations and travels. : Le jardin de la grenouillère : (The garden of the frogs pond) (French-speaking website) : The source of the Yvette River laps the borders of this Japanese-like garden which stretches over 2500 square meters, where water has the leading role. It was designed by landscape gardener, Sonja Gauron. The plants have aqjusted to the wet nature of the soil. :(French-speaking website) Daniel Trinquecostes' photo gallery. Daniel has been a nature-lover and an animalist photographer since his childhood. He is also a friend of mine and he regularly organizes splendid photo exhibitions ; I highly recommend you to discover his photos on his site. :(French-speaking website) Orchids in Tregor (Tregor is a West French region). This site will allow you to discover other epiphytic plants : Orchids which are also splendid to look at. :(French-speaking website) "au" (in the Very complete website about gardening. :(French-speaking website) "The collections Ark" : a surprising site which deals with everything about collections, even the strangest. A visit is essential.