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In which case choose the seedling method.

In which case choose the cuttings method.



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To multiply an Epiphyllum (botanical or hybrid), two methods exist: sowing or cutting.

I have already talked about seedling in another article on my site.

(Sexual reproduction of Epiphyllum oxypetalum)

Seedlings from an Epiphyllum oxypetalum seedling.


Sowing is an exciting but slow method.

1-Propagation of a botanical Epiphyllum from a fruit fertilized with pollen from a flower of the same species. The sowing will then give plants of the same species, but it will be necessary to wait about 5 to 6 years from the sowing to take advantage of the first flowers of the plants resulting from this sowing.

2-In the case of a hybrid Epiphyllum, to create other new hybrids, the fruit is almost always obtained by manual or natural (bee) fertilization of a flower by the pollen of a flower of another hybrid or of a botanical species. Sowing will produce as many different hybrids as there are plants carried through to flowering, but NO hybrid will be the FAITHFUL reproduction of the hybrid whose fruit has been harvested and sown.

Seeding, in this case, is the only method to create new hybrids.


Transporting, by means of a cotton bud for example, pollen from a stamen of the left hybrid (A) to the pistil of the right hybrid (B) will pollinate and fertilize the right flower which will be able to produce a fruit containing seeds that will be sown.

The plants resulting from this sowing will each give a different hybrid whose mother is (B) and father (A).


3- Finally, in order to propagate faithfully a hybrid Epiphyllum:

The sowing method is invalid in this case.

Then you must use cuttings method.


The following is a summary of all cases in table form:

First line: propagation of a botanical Epiphyllum.

Second line: faithful propagation of a hybrid Epiphyllum.

Third line: creation of a new hybrid Epiphyllum.

The following pages are therefore the only valid method for the faithful propagation of a hybrid Epiphyllum.


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