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photo 1/13 (photo 26 of July in the evening)




Last year I had already presented photos of Selenicereus urbanianus considered as synonymous with Selenicereus grandiflorus.

This summer of 2018, I recovered from the collection of a friend, Claude Vizer, who had just passed away, a magnificent clone of what I believe to be Selenicereus grandiflorus. This plant had long been in the collection of Jeanne Vizier, wife of Claude, who herself died in 2013. Claude had been maintaining this collection since his wife's death. So it will be a memory for me of this couple of friends.

The plant is of a respectable age, it has suffered from frost and hail attacks. It therefore has many scars and is partially lignified. The stems have 5 ribs and the largest have a diameter of 3 cm. This clone is particularly floriferous, and its flowers are very large.

When I recovered it, the plant had about ten floral buds, at different degrees of evolution. I decided to follow the flowering more closely. The two buds at the bottom left will open in 14 days and the bud at the bottom right in 5 days.