Schlumbergera opuntioides

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Among the four botanic Schlumbergera of which I speak, it is the one I know the least because I am very badly able to cultivate it: it rots on its own roots and the grafted specimen which was going to flower died in bud. A German friend gave me another one, but it has not yet bloomed. The photograph of the flower I present was communicated to me by Pieter Colpaert (link to his site available on my links page). I cordially thank him.

Schlumbergera opuntioides was described in 1905.

Its stems look like those of an Opuntia ; this point explains the origin of its name. They are from 15 to 70 mm long and 5 to 30 mm wide. They have a variable spination.

The bloom is zygomorphic, it’s approximately 6 cm long and 4.5 cm wide. I never personnally observed it but I haven’t given up ….

The fruit is angular.

The blooming period in the northern hemisphere takes place from March to April.

The hybrids of Schlumbergera opuntioides and Schlumbergera truncata or an hybrid of the group x buckleyi, make up the group Schlumbergera x exotica whose stems are cylindrical and ribbed. Their cultivation is for me difficult with much falling of the stems as sudden as unexpected.


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